My life is boring but who cares…..

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So I created this blog a while ago to blog about whatever is on my mind. I’m not really sure what I wanted to blog about but I figured why not. My son says what are you going to blog about and who would read it. He’s 15 go figure. Anyway I have decided that this week I have two topics of conversation i’m interested in, Riley (aka and cake pops. Everyone seems to like the cake pops. My family wants me to start making them professionally but I get really nervous when I have to do things like that. I had to do 200 for my sons hockey banquet Monday and I was freaking out because some cracked. What if I did them professionally? I don’t know how people do that stuff. I would be a wreck.

So anyway as boring as my life is, that is what’s on my mind. After practicing making 200 cake pops and having to get rid of the cracked ones, (read eat) I will probably have lose weight on my mind next week and still Riley because she is adorable.


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