My life is boring but who cares…..

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So I created this blog a while ago to blog about whatever is on my mind. I’m not really sure what I wanted to blog about but I figured why not. My son says what are you going to blog about and who would read it. He’s 15 go figure. Anyway I have decided that this week I have two topics of conversation i’m interested in, Riley (aka and cake pops. Everyone seems to like the cake pops. My family wants me to start making them professionally but I get really nervous when I have to do things like that. I had to do 200 for my sons hockey banquet Monday and I was freaking out because some cracked. What if I did them professionally? I don’t know how people do that stuff. I would be a wreck.

So anyway as boring as my life is, that is what’s on my mind. After practicing making 200 cake pops and having to get rid of the cracked ones, (read eat) I will probably have lose weight on my mind next week and still Riley because she is adorable.



Best baby model ever


Alright guys, the Instagram is up and running at full force!!!! We are so excited that not only is the Instagram up buriley instagramt we have had our first shout out! Woohoo!!! Check it out at @unboundbands on Instagram! Riley’s page is trying to get as many followers as possible so tell everyone you know to follow our little diva @babybeanriley on Instagram! And we are also so excited because some of our Etsy sites are sending us clothes for her to model as we speak! Yay for free clothes! So everyone be on the lookout for shoutouts and our little diva model Riley all over Instagram! Hope you are as excited as we are! We love you all and thanks for all the support! 🙂

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